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Hello and welcome to OnlyGay.TV,

our site is primarily intended for gay and bisexual guys who are looking for "fun" for one on the Internet. You can only watch and rate the films you like, but you can also buy private films and thus financially support the individual who produces and wants to produce such films! This direct support of yours will only go to the producer from whom you buy the film!

It's very simple!!! If you are of legal age and legal capacity, register as a user on our website. After verifying your email address, your user account will be opened here on OnlyGay.TV and you will be able to see videos that are prohibited and not public for unverified users. - are private and only for verified members of the OnlyGay community.

If you would like to see such a ``private'' video - you will have to acquire ``pornocoin'' credit - with which you will then be able to purchase their video from individuals. The amount of an individual private video is determined by our member himself, and we do not have the ability to prevent him from choosing his price or limit it in any way, we will only recommend the selling price to him according to the content and quality of the video. The rest is only up to you whether to buy a private video or not.

How to buy PornoCoint? It is also very simple, in the top right next to ''profile'' there is a ''coin'' icon - click on it. A package will open for you, where you can choose how many PornoCoins to buy. The selection goes from 50 PornoCoins to 1000 PornoCoins. After selecting an individual package, you will be asked whether you will make the payment via your Paypal, Revolut, or debit or credit card.

After successfully sending the payment for the purchase of PornoCoin, these will be credited to your OnlyGay.TV account in your profile. You will receive a purchase confirmation by email. If you have any problems with your purchase, contact support at Our system is very user-friendly and not at all complicated, so you shouldn't have any problems with it. You can also offer your films on OnlyGay.TV for sale to other users if you want, but read carefully the conditions for this cooperation. Model, Producer, Distributor.

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