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Make money with us

With OnlyGay.TV it is possible to make money. It's very simple...

This site is for guys who like to make their own videos with a boyfriend or partner, but it's also for gay porn producers and gay porn distributors who own broadcast licenses or manage copyrights.

How it works..


If you are an existing company in the gay erotic film industry or a company just starting out and want to publish your work with us, please register as a PRODUCER. The online questionnaire will ask you to fill in the following information: -Official name of the production,

-We recommend using your studio name, under which you are already known, -Official name of the company, attach your company's extract from the commercial register and the ID of the responsible person who will set up and manage this profile for the company. Please note that the registration can only be done by the owner-agent of the company whose name will be listed as the main one in the commercial register. You can upload your artistic photos to your 'Producer-studio' profile and you can create your photo gallery, either public-unpaid and for your studio presentation or non-public-paid. The price of access to your non-public photo gallery is determined by you alone.

You can upload your movies and you can do it in the category "FREE" - this means that you will earn only on the advertising that will be displayed in your video and will be accessible to non-registered users.

Or you will be able to upload your video to the "PREMIUM" category, where you set your own price for watching the video. This video will be primarily for registered users.

OnlyGay.TV will only charge a 25% commission for facilitating the sale, and operating costs. Remember that the parameters of your video must be in the format: AVI, MP4, MKV, up to

1.5Gb in size

In the event of a video being reported for copyright infringement or inappropriate content, PLEASE NOTE that we claim access to the contracts for the work in question, and the video in question will be made unavailable and blocked until the matter is legally resolved. Please also read carefully our terms and conditions which give full details. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at:

Very important notice

It is forbidden to record films with paedophilic, zoophilic or necrophilic or otherwise prohibited content. If this is found, your account will be blocked and deactivated and the matter will be referred to law enforcement authorities. If you upload content that involves forced sex - you must prove that it is only a work of fiction that is not based on truth, or such work will not be published. And it will be handed over to law enforcement.